June 8, 2019


The Main event of the program is the Tinos Running Experience 21 Km. It is starting at the outdoor theater of the beautiful village Volakas, a village of unique natural beauty. Its unique surrounding of big round rocks gives the whole landscape a lunar appearance. The route goes through the villages Skalados, Krokos, Komi, Kalloni and ends in the Town of Tinos.

At the same time will take place at the centre of the town 10km, 5km and 1 km road race and 100m for people with special needs in order to give to all the residents of the island and the visitors the opportunity to take part in this great athletic event regardless the age, gender and physical condition.

Eleni Bertsatou

The Athens Health Runners Club in 2014 we participated at the first Tinos Running Experience event and we now keep on participating in this amazing Half marathon and the other races of the event in the wonderful island of Tinos every summer.
The Organizing Committee of Tinos Running Experience shows us on its way the fundamental value of the co-existence of people in such initiatives and events. Hospitality, in the true sense of the word. We thank them and we wish them great success in their games.

Eleni BertsatouPresident of the Athens Health Runners Club
Dionisis Grigoratos

I take part in the road races event from the first year it was organized, in 2014, in 20 km run. It was also a great honor for me to be the runner no 1 that year.
I saw that this event was evolved from a typical running race of low interest in a race that is in the calendar of many runners, Greeks or not, with the lively pasta party on the day before the run, the volunteers experience this three-days-event as intensely as the athletes, the villages and the local associations offer awards with presents and the energy and the good mood of the Organizing Committee that includes every year new surprises in the events for the athletes and their families, but mainly in a race that the whole local community has embraced. This is actually what makes the difference in comparison with other events taking place in Greece.

Dionisis Grigoratos








Takis Papoutsas

I welcome this wonderful event in the nearby and twinning island of Tinos. Syros runners support from the first year the Tinos Running Experience games, an admittedly demanding and at the same time magical route that brings out six wonderful villages of the island. We will be there in 2018 as well, to share experiences and joy with familiar faces, good and beloved friends and fellow athletes. Keep on doing what you like and offering it to us with love. As the representative of the association I wish you success in what you do. Live a new experience on the 8th of June. Save the date and good luck!

Takis PapoutsasPresident of Syros Runners
Alexandros Bolias

During the last years, in the beginning of every summer, I choose to participate in the Half marathon race of the Tinos Running Experience. Every athlete that participates will have to try hard to the finish line but will also have the chance to enjoy the breeze of the Aegean Sea and the blue horizon.
The organizing committee has taken care of every necessity and the collaboration among the Tinos Commercial and Industrial Association with the local businesses and the sponsors offers enough facilities to the runners and also promotes local products, spreads the local history and architecture with organized visits in museums, brings out picturesque villages and unique awards. We are also looking forward to the pasta party because of its warm atmosphere and to meeting friends and other runners. While waiting for the next event on the handmade island of the Cyclades, for a very special and authentic race.

Alexandros Bolias
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