Welcome to our  beloved islandTinos!

The Union of Commerce and Craftsmanship of Tinos welcomes you to “the island of handicraft,” “the island of artists,” “the Cyclades’ beautiful bride”: Tinos island.

As soon as you start exploring Tinos, you will come across the secret beauty of the island. Let it overwhelm you, as you go about learning the rich history and culture of it, feeling the religious awe, discovering the old city of Chora and the picturesque villages, admiring the exquisite Aegean architecture, watching countless doves flying around the traditional dovecotes and touching the valuable local marble. You will also feel the essence of the many great artists born on this land, enjoy the natural beauties, roam the vintage paths, swim in the beautiful beaches, try out alternative tourism experiences and taste the fine, delicious local products and the traditional Tinian cuisine.

Tinos will become a journey full of precious memories, images and flavors which will lure you back to the island every year.

Discover Tinos and become enchanted!

  • security
    • Police station: +30 22830-22100
    • Subvision +30 22830-22348
    • Fire Department +30 22830-22234
    • Roadside assistance +30 22830-22222
  • health
    • Health Centre +30 22833-60000


    • TAXI AGIOS CHRISTOFOROS +30 30 22830-22470
    • TAXI ASTERAS +30 22830-26000
    • bUS STATION +30 22830-22440
    • MUNICIPALITY +30 22833-60100
    • “EXOMBOURGO” Municipal Corporation +30 22833-60200
    • Tinos – Andros Municipal Port Fund +30 22830-23754
    • Tinos Regional Unit +30 22833-61200
    • Department of Commerce +30 22833-61242
    • Citizens’ Service Center +30 22833 – 60300


Πώς πάω στην Τηνο;
Πώς πάω στην Τηνο;
Πώς πάω στην Τηνο;
Πώς πάω στην Τηνο;